Cannastick Compass ™ Digital Vaporizer

Our newest portable vaporizer to date. This is the smallest handheld vaporizer in the world with a digital OLED screen.



Introducing the Cannastick Compass™ digital vaporizer. This fresh, portable vaporizer is the smallest on the market measuring only 125mm long. Vaporize your aromatic ground material discreetly with the worlds smallest vaporizer. Enjoy a healthier lifetstyle by activating compounds in your material without harmful combustion via flame. This vaporizer features an advanced OLED screen allowing you to set your desired baking temperature anywhere from 350 -430 degrees Farenheit. Also featuring SmartVape™ technology the heating element reaches your desired temperature within 60 seconds, faster than any other vaporizer in the world.


  • Slim and Portable Design
  • 350-430 Degree Fahrenheit Operating Temperature
  • Digital OLED Display
  • 2200 mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • SmartVape™ Heating Technology (heats within 60 seconds)
  • Memory Function (remembers desired vaping temperature)
  • Safety Function (turns off after 5 minutes of continued use)
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Comes With…

  • (1) Compass™ Baking Vaporizer
  • (1) Retractable Micro USB Charging Cable
  • (1) Wall Charger
  • (1) Scraping Tool
  • (1) Cleaning Brush
  • (3) Mouth Guards
  • (1) User Manual – View Here
  • *Aromatic Ground Material Not Included

Additional information

Weight9 oz

16 reviews for Cannastick Compass ™ Digital Vaporizer

  1. Vapenash

    I’ve had my Compass for over a year now. I try my best to take care of it and I clean it often (alcohol and q-tips). It makes smoking a much more enjoyable and subtle experience without having to deal with a pipe or the smoke. My house doesn’t smell like a dispensary and it doesn’t hurt my lungs at all to use (not that a pipe does really, but this is far better for you). The black mouthpiece cracked and Matt @ Cannastick had 2 new ones out to me in 2 days for free. Can’t ask for anything more!

  2. Sleepy Savior

    I just got this yesterday, after looking at all the options for affordable dry herb, the guy at the vape shop I went to recommended this one. I’ve only had it a day, but it’s great. I’m going through less weed, about 1/3 the amount, and getting the same effect. It works great, it’s stupid easy to clean.

  3. Kandi

    It came quick. Love it.

  4. BuzzVapeyear

    I love it. Tried the rest and it’s the best. You will not be dissaponted

  5. Thinds

    I have had my compass for just over a month. I use it every day and I’ve noticed cracks forming on both sides of the mouthpiece and while I’m unsure if the cracks are cosmetic or if they will soon begin to affect the seal. All in all the most effective dry herb cape I’ve ever used; with a mouthpiece redesign it would rate 5 stars.

  6. L

    Uk buyer here, support were so nice to me and helped me out with every single thing that I needed help with. Made suggestions and were just 100% fantastic people.

    The device is amazing. So good if you wanna be incognito as there is almost no smell or visable vape. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a clearer and more clean high or who wants to be a bit more low-key.

    Only recommendation is to make the buttons a bit more high quality feeling and prevent the light leaking through. But that is not even enough to give 4 stars for quality, still deserves 5 🙂

    Thanks to all at cannastick, I will be back 😉

  7. Coleman

    This thing is a beast. Its so simple and has great airflow. Would recommend 10 times out of 10.

  8. Lauren

    I purchased the Compass a few months back and I love it, its totally changed the way I smoke! It took me a first time to get the hang of smoking it as its my first vape but once I did i prefer it over all other methods! After a few months though the heating chamber stopped working so I sent it back to be sent a new one. Customer service has been super awesome too. Great product and a great company! Highly recommend.

  9. Joseph Huxton

    This product works great, but sadly it didn’t last very long for me. Within one month the temperature gauge broke and I am no longer able to lower temperature.

  10. Jim S.

    Awesome!!..only two small things could make it perfect.silicone mouth piece needs slights redesign to stay on mouthpiece cracks easily

  11. Lex

    This vape has cleared out my chest from too much pipe smoking and I love it. I just need help figuring out how to clean it. There is res clogging up the little filter holes (sorry I’m still new to this so I don’t know the actual part names, so bear with me) and I know I’m not supposed to put any liquid inside, so how do I get rid of it?

    Thanks for a great product!

  12. FK

    I admit this product is a good design for its size and hand feel.

  13. Sean

    Just received my white compass digital today, delivered all the way from Denver to Northern Ireland in 4 weeks. It’s the first vaporizer I’ve used have to say it’s a good quality product definitely does the job & looks great. 🙂

  14. Brad

    Easily the best handheld vaporizer I’ve ever had the chance of using. I used to have a Pinnacle Pro and Atmos and this thing blows them away…

  15. Kendail

    Hello there I could not contain my excitement to try this product. I bought this durning a 420 sale couldn’t pass up the price. This heats up quickly and works great. The only complaint of I have are the silicon mouth pieces fall off very easily and I have lost 2 already, so I have given up on them and hope I don’t burn my mouth to badly. Thank you cannastick for an amazing product!

  16. City Toker

    I give it a over all 5 stars cause I paid 77.00 cause the 420 sale and 10.00 off code btw it hit great it fits in your pocket it’s a true herb vap pen with no Combustion great design Just say u should get the black one not the white one it get dirty on the out side but wipes clean

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