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Cannastick Portable Vaporizers and Dry Herb Vape Pens

Now you can have the freedom to vape anywhere with authentic Cannastick™ vape pens! Choose starter kits based on what you prefer to vape, including dry herb starter kits, wax/concentrate starter kits and e-liquid/oil starter kits.

Vaporize dried herbs, buds or flowers with our portable dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. Vaporizing dried herbs is notably healthier than smoking them, as it only gently bakes the herb to produce desired effects without combustion and saves yourself from inhaling harmful byproducts.

Check out our entire line of wax and concentrate vaporizers designed to vaporize waxy materials such as budder, live resin, rosin, distillate and more. These are the perfect, discreet and portable vape pens to dab concentrates when you are on-the-go, at the office or at your favorite concert or bar.

Vape Pen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, we respect the privacy of all of our customers and hold it in the highest regards. All packages are sent via USPS in white padded envelopes with no indication of the contents inside.


Currently we ship worldwide including to Canada, Brazil, Austrailia, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark and more.


All of our products are shipped from our distribution warehouse in southern Colorado.
All order over $60 receive free priority mail shipping. Depending where you are priority mail shipping takes 2-3 business days from the day it is shipped to be received. If you choose First Class shipping your item will take 3-5 business days to be received. Express shipping is also available and in most cases the package will be received overnight but it is not guaranteed, as some rural areas take 48 hours for delivery. International shipments take 1-2 weeks for delivery depending on customs in your country.
All of our products are priced in USD. If you are an international customer, the charge on your statement will show up as post-conversion in your regional currency. For example: If you are Canadian, the charge on your statement will show in CAD not USD.
A lot of people are new to vaporizing aromatic ground material and need a few learning lessons first. Vaporizing ground materials allows you to achieve healthy benefits without the cons of smoking. In fact vaporizing ground material emits a vapor that is 95% tar and carcinogen free. Being a common technique for consuming ground material, vaporizing negates many of the irritating respiratory toxins produced when ground material is smoked while still allowing psychoactive ingredients to be consumed in the vapor. Ground material contains over 120 different terpenes that are produced by natural plants. These are the flavor molecules ranging from pine, rosemary and mint to sweet citrus, mango and lime. The possibilities are endless and vaporizing allows you to taste these delicate molecules without damaging them when you burn aromatic ground material. Often, an ordorless and visually smokeless vapor is exhaled after using our vaporizing devices.
Most of our devices that use internal batteries require 5 quick clicks to turn the device on and off. This is essentially a safety feature for the battery so it does not automatically fire in your pocket causing damage or harm. Once the battery turns on when you press and hold the power button it should stay lighted up. Your product is now ready to use.

Yes, all of our Cannastick brand products include a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer defects only. This does not include normal wear and tear and battery degradation over time. Any other brand of product sold through this website comes with the standard default manufacturer warranty for that product.

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