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Portable Vaporizers are the New Way to Smoke

Cannastick is the premiere vape pen company on the market today. Utilizing advances in technology, both smoke and combustion can now be a thing of the past! Cannastick allows users to vape herbs, essential oils, waxes and other solids all on the go. With Cannastick’s ultra-portability and stealthy appearance you can have the freedom to vape anywhere.


What makes Cannastick different?

Cannastick was started by a group of individuals in the herbal industry that care about what they are inhaling and smoking. Cannastick portable vaporizers were designed around the simple fact that less smoke is better. Achieving similar results with vapor you can rest assured your Cannastick will get the job done. People rarely care about their health but after being a habitual smoker for many years people start to realize the toll smoking has on their bodies. We now offer three different battery options and more to come in the future with each vaporizer pen starter kit allowing you to decide what is best for your experience. Our 350 mAh mini battery is the most versatile and portable battery available. Offering 1-2 hours of constant vaping this battery works very well. If you need even more power we offer 650 mAh batteries in passthrough or variable voltage functions. The passthrough battery allows you to charge and vape at the same time, which is very convenient for people sitting at an office or by a power source all day. The variable voltage battery allows you to change the voltage produced by the battery from 3.3 to 4.2 volts. Increasing the voltage typically gets you a hotter coil which will heat more efficiently to a certain degree.


Our Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens

Obviously being the most popular of the bunch, the Cannastick dry herb vaporizing options are continuously growing. From our initial launch of the original Cannastick dry herb vape pen last year we've changed and improved nearly every aspect of our product to give you the fullest and most enjoyable vaping clouds available. Currently we offer three dry herb vape pen kits. Each kit comes with everything you will need to get started to be able to vape your favorite dry herbs on the go. The GlassRx kits are extremely easy to use and to clean and have proven to be the best bang for your buck anywhere on the internet today.


Cannastick's Huge Range of Wax Vape Pens and Accessories

Geared towards the avid dabber, Cannastick shines through when it comes to waxy or buttery substances. Nothing is too sticky for the Cannastick wax vape pens. Coining the term waxomizer, Cannastick offers three different types. Our original waxomizer 1.0 and 2.0 cartridges can still be purchased and work amazing. Among the progression of the waxomizer we found customers enjoyed the ability to just have to purchase only the coil when the unit dies. Waxomizer coils inevitably will stop functioning at some point in time so why have to buy an entire new waxomizer? With our Cannastick Elite and Cannastick GlassRX wax coils you have enough options to dab wax for the rest of your life.


Essential Oil Vape Pens

Functioning exactly the same as your typical electronic cigarette, our oil vape pens are favored among everyone. If you are trying to vape any type of substance with liquid viscosity then these are products for you. You can even choose from any of our e-liquid vape flavors with or without nicotine to use with your clearomizers or mods.


Cannastick's Dedication to Vaping Satisfaction

Overall, we strive to reach our main goal which is a successful business with as many happy customers as possible. We believe we have set very reasonable warranties and return policies on our products. All vape pen starter kits come with a six month warranty on the battery and a thirty day warranty on the coils. The Cannastick Vhit Boom personal vaporizer includes a 10 year warranty on everything.


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