Winter Savings on Portable Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Portable Vaporizers & Vape Pens

Shop from our uniquely branded line of only the best portable vaporizers, dry herb vape pens, waxomizers, e-nails and scientific glass.

Cannastick MINI Dry Herb Vape Pen
GlassRx Dry Herb Portable Vape Pen
Compass Digital Portable Vaporizer
Compass Digital Portable Vaporizer
Cannastick Dab Mod Starter Kit
Cannastick MINI Wax Vape Pen
Original Concentrate Wax Vape Pen
Original Wax
Thick Oil - E-liquid Vape Pen
Oil Vaporizer

Mini Bubblers

Add significant water percolation to your hits and enjoy a smooth, cool vape.

Aqua Vape Pen Bubbler
Aqua Bubbler
Monsoon Vape Pen Bubbler
Cyclone Vape Pen Bubbler
Alien Cell Vape Pen Bubbler
Bamboo Vape Pen Bubbler
Lab Rat Vape Pen Bubbler
Barrel Shooter Vape Pen Bubbler
Mushroom Vape Pen Bubbler

E-Nails & Adapters

Select from only the best options for ditching that ugly butane torch.

Electric D-Nail For Concentrates
DabLink Bong Adapter for Waxes and Concentrates

Vape Pen Attachments - Dry Herb, Oil & Wax

View our entire lineup of technologically advanced vape pen attachments.

Elite Waxomizer for Vaporizing Concentrates
GlassRx Dry Herb Attachment for Vaporizing Dried Herbs
Aqua Concentrate Vape Pen Bubbler
Cannastick Dab Mod for Concentrates
Dab Mod

Vape Pen Coils - Vaporizer Coils

Purchase replacement coils at a discounted cost for your Cannastick product.

Cannastick MINI Dry Herb Vape Pen
Cannastick Dab Mod Donut Coil

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